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Davis, Upton and Palumbo, LLC

Smooth and Trouble Free Settlements/Consummation

Understanding the Closing Disclosure

Maryland Trust Title and Escrow, LLC is affiliated with Davis, Upton and Palumbo, LLC, one of the leading law firms in Southern Maryland. The Real Estate Practice Group of Davis, Upton and Palumbo, LLC represents most of the Southern Maryland Banks and lending institutions. It also is the choice of the leading Calvert County commercial enterprises whenever legal representation is required in sophisticated real estate matters. If the real estate transaction involves a probate estate, the Estate Planning & Probate Practice Group is available to provide any additional counseling or representation that may be required. more >> At Maryland Trust Title & Escrow, LLC, we strive to make the Maryland real estate settlement process as smooth and trouble-free as possible. Our Southern Maryland settlement professionals are pro-active. We identify and resolve any issues related to your settlement/ cosummation prior to sitting down at the closing table. Whether you are buying or selling Maryland real estate, completing a commercial transaction, or simply refinancing your existing mortgage, we are here to help. Contact us at 410-535-7550 to schedule a settlement/ consummation or simply click hereto Place an Order. more >> A real estate transaction involves a series of exchanges, not only between the buyer and seller, but also with lenders, brokers, and state and local governments. The settlement statement, or HUD-1/Closing Disclosure accounts for all of these exchanges, totaling the credits and debits to buyer and seller. It is designed to make a complex series of steps as simple and clear as possible. Despite these efforts, the HUD-1 presented to the parties at the closing table is often confusing to the parties involved. At Maryland Trust Title, we will do our best to make certain that you understand the HUD-1 Settlement Statement / Closing Disclosure [108Kb PDF] , the full details of the real estate transaction. more >>