Title Insurance works just like any other type of insurance policy. You purchase title insurance by paying a one-time "premium" for the policy at the time you acquire ownership of the property. If a defect in the title is discovered while you own the property, the title insurance policy provides you with a legal defense against such claim and provides compensation in the event that the defect causes a loss of title. Not only will the title insurance policy pay the legal fees and costs to defend a claim against your ownership, but it will also compensate you for your loss in the event the claim is successful. The premium is a small price to pay to protect the biggest investment you will ever make!

What is Title Insurance

When you purchase real estate, you receive a "Deed" to the property which is the evidence of your ownership of, or "title" to, the real estate. Title insurance protects you against hidden defects in prior deeds and against errors in the real estate transaction – either of which can negatively affect your title or ownership of the real estate. These hidden defects would not necessarily show up in the Land Records, but could deprive you of title nonetheless.

Agent for Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company

The Southern Maryland title company, Maryland Trust Title & Escrow, LLC, is an agent forCommonwealth Land Title Insurance Company., one of the nation's leading title insurers. Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company issues title insurance policies for commercial and residential customers throughout the United States, Mexico, Canada, the Caribbean, Latin America, Europe and Asia. This affiliation gives Maryland Trust Title access to Commonwealth Land Title Insurance Company vast resources and expertise in title matters.

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